Monday, October 22, 2012

an adventure with a chef and an alcoholic

Intro into my world of boys.... trials and tribulations...

boy #1
I met the most amazing chef one day, he works at a new deli/bistro style cafe/ coffee shop in my area. We will call him Chef J. Chef J, he really is gods gift to food. He can even manage to whip up something both a 2 and 3 year old picky eaters from hell will scarf down with utter diligence, given the most vague guidelines.
I have rather quickly become friends with this chef, the nerdy, sweet, comical guy he is. Everyday he gives me something new and exciting to laugh about, or think about. Today for example, he was my Ativan... he talked the nervousness right out of me.
Last night, he tried to teach me how to make french onion soup over facebook chat and text messaging. (this was quite interesting as he was teaching a vegetarian how to make soup with beef base...)
Three days a week he makes me a caprese salad, with grilled chicken. Its the most amazing lunch in the world, and I cant bring myself to try something different.

boy #2
Last Wednesday was my best friends birthday, he turned 28 years old. Officially an old man! lets call him R. R is a lonely guy all the way down in Fl. He and I have been best friends for 4 years now. I love the boy with all of my heart, Ive been intent on giving him gifts for Christmas  and birthdays etc... sending him original paintings {by me} in the past. Today he received his birthday package from me, a graphic novel from a local artist signed and personalized, and a canvas shopping bag handmade here in the town I live in. He called me gushing about it all, and he was just sooo elated! And insists that he send me something, though I know he can not afford to do so, and I would never ask him to. R knows that I love him, and I always will.
R will always be my best friend and will always drive me nuts with his alcoholism. He may be drunk all the time, but the instant he answers the phone he wants nothing more than to talk to me. If I am sad, he will get his guitar and sings Her Diamonds to me until I fall asleep.

boy #3
This one, we will just call E, he lives with me. "super boyfriend" who has taken over the role of "dad" in our household. He cooks and cleans and watches the kids while I work, or have alone time. I love this boy with all of my heart, and I wouldnt change our life for anything. living together, we have our spats, and arguments,  etc... but none the less he still loves me. What more can a girl ask for?

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